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StickWallet - Card holder for phone Black - Universal and elastic
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StickWallet - Card holder for phone Black - Universal and elastic


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Now with Free cleaning cloth for your phone or case!

This handy card holder in black attaches to the back of any smartphone or case. The elastic material allows you to insert up to 7 cards, paper money, earphones or a key, so everything at hand!

Color: Black
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  • Black phone card holder on iPhone

In stock

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The wallet is history, you always have your phone at hand and from now on up to 7 cards as well. With the PlakWallet cardholder you can easily carry your debit card, OV chip card, ID card, student card, access card, paper money, key and much more on the back of your smartphone.

Read all the frequently asked questions and answers about the PlakWallet here, including: sticking on, ski protection, wireless charging, sticky residue and warranty.

With this adhesive card holder, you have everything to hand!

Remove the sticker sheet and stick this card holder to the back of any phone or phone case with a free surface of 5.5cm by 9cm. The elastic material allows you to take 1 to 7 cards without them falling out easily.

The universal card holder is easy to stick on your phone or case

Neither the chip in the cards nor the cards themselves will be damaged by the smartphone, and wireless charging is still possible with an empty PlakWallet.

Secure card holder on the smartphone

Neither the chip in the cards nor the cards themselves will be damaged by the smartphone, and with an empty PlakWallet wireless charging is still possible. You do not have to worry about skimming, money that is skimmed contactless will be reimbursed and other cards with sensitive information are often encrypted.

For these popular phone models, the PlakWallet card holder is suitable anyway:

A PlakWallet card holder fits any phone with a free surface of 5.5cm x 9cm, these are just examples.

Additional Information

Weight 15 g
Dimensions 9 × 6 × 0.3 cm




Suitable for

All phones and cases

Number of passes

1 to 7


No print

Accessory for










Shipping method

Mailbox post *Possibly different with more products ordered

Number of compartments




12 reviews for StickWallet - Card holder for phone Black - Universal and elastic

  1. Nicole via Trustpilot -

    My 2nd review for this company. Fantastic product and very customer friendly. Ordered a sticky wallet for the 2nd time and this time received a handwritten postcard with thanks for my 2nd order! When I couldn't order through the site, Dylan called me to help me 😊 What a great service! I rarely see it this attentive. Thank you Dylan 🙋♀️

    Handigs product, fast delivery. How nice to receive a handwritten thank you. And that in this day and age!

    Clever design. I do see some points of improvement in the product. Maybe nice to brainstorm with designer/supplier:)

    In short, reliable.

  2. Martin via Trustpilot -

  3. H Bartelds via Trustpilot -

    Fast and good product. Never lose my cards again.

  4. Emma via Trustpilot -

    Fine and fast delivery
    Perfect for any phone
    Very good price for the quality

  5. Mariska via Trustpilot -

    Fast delivery. Price/quality ratio is right. I have been using the wallet for almost a year now and I am very satisfied. All cards remain securely in place.

  6. Faissal Bdd via Trustpilot -

    My sister had her birthday and I was looking for a present and came across the pink Plakwallet, she is very happy with it!

  7. Wilna via Trustpilot -

  8. Thijs via Trustpilot -

    Definitely a product I would recommend! It is very easy to use and the cards have never fallen out, it arrived the day after I ordered it.

  9. Eyoub via Trustpilot -

    Two days after ordering, it arrived on my doormat, nicely packed. My PlakWallet has been on my phone for a few months now, and it is still ideal.
    The colour is getting less nice but that's logical, a smartphone is used a lot.

  10. Yorne via Trustpilot -

    I have been using the product for several weeks and am still as satisfied with it as I was at the beginning. Well worth the money!

  11. Ibon via Trustpilot -

    Translated from Spanish to Dutch:

    It is great to have such a practical and simple invention. I use it daily and it makes my life easier on certain occasions.

    Es una maravilla poder contar con un invento tan práctico y simple. Lo utilizo a diario y me facilita la vida en ciertas ocasiones

  12. Stein via Trustpilot -

    Translated from Spanish:
    Everything is always well marked, easy and intuitive to use. It is also cheap and if I have any questions, they will clarify it for me right away.

    Está muy bien señalado todo en todo momento, fácil e intuitivo de usar. Además es barato y si tengo alguna duda me la aclaran enseguida

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